A Luxurious Little Story

Learn More About Rebecca Fox Hair Replacement Studio 

Opening in 1992, Rebecca Fox Hair Studio has become a premier personal Hair Replacement Studio, welcoming people from throughout the greater Rockford region.

Rebecca has built a reputation for providing more than professional services but also for providing a comfortable atmosphere that ensures privately. Nothing is more important than finding The most natural Hair System and being able to look your best and live your life. With Rebecca taking care of you.


Rebecca is a  certified professionals that take personal Hair Replacement very seriously. You can rest assured that whatever hair loss you may have Rebecca will desing or order a Hair System,to provide you with a natural head of hair in order to correct your hair loss.


What Our Clients Have to Say

"I don't think I have ever felt more Myself. The stress from the hairloss and all my worries just melted away thanks to the New Hair I got at Rebecca Fox Hair Studio." Melanie T